Where in the World Are All the Leaders?

· Bad leadership has destroyed Nigeria, ‘land flowing with milk and honey’

· 2021 — The story of a year in 12 leaders (indicts leadership efforts of: President Biden, Turkey’s Erdogan, Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon, China’s Xi Jinping, Angela Merkel from Germany, and of course, Vladimir Putin)

· Mark Driscoll disgraced leader of the Mars Hill Church

· Nancy Pelosi and the congressional machinations to remove her as Speaker of the House

· Fauci — the risks of being in the news everyday for the past 18 months: Hero or Headed to Jail?

· Former White House doctor predicts invoking the 25th Amendment or the resignation of President Biden

· AWOL Texas legislators




Media executive. Educator. Leader. Innovator.

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Dr. Norm Mintle

Dr. Norm Mintle

Media executive. Educator. Leader. Innovator.

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