A Tale of Three Kings. A Cautionary Warning for True North Leaders.

At some point during the final decade of the last century, a friend whose identity I can’t verify to this day, gave me a book he thought sounded like my situation. Gene Edwards’ A Tale of Three Kings taught me that my survival instincts were right-on. That dodging spears was far more David-like than allowing them to pierce and kill me.

But this is not a book about self-protection from toxic leaders. Rather, as the subtitle explains, it is a study in brokenness. So, while I found a simpatico and highly relatable emerging leader victimized by a senior and dangerous leader, I was also confronted by Edwards’ thesis: God desires to exorcise the Saul from all of us, replaced by a broken spirit and contrite heart (Psalm 51:17). Those traits in David were the result of choices: non-retaliation (not “re-gifting” the thrown javelin, or much later, twice choosing not to exact revenge by killing a vulnerable monarch).

What this is, is a book that uses biblical examples of three types of leaders: abusive, servant-hearted and ambitious.




Media executive. Educator. Leader. Innovator.

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Dr. Norm Mintle

Dr. Norm Mintle

Media executive. Educator. Leader. Innovator.

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